You Must Learn To Let Go…….Don’t Let Anxiety Control You!

6 min readMar 16, 2020

I want to share with you my experience of going through a difficult period in my life, dealing with anxiety and how I overcame it.

Letting Anxiety Control You.

So, what exactly is anxiety?

Anxiety is what I felt, is the emotional, worrying, tense and afraid about the things that might happen and someway, are the things that happened. it’s a natural human response when I received to feel under threat. I experienced anxiety most of our thoughts, feelings and our physical sensations.

It is particularly most common to experience some form of anxiety in our lives, dealing with stressful events changes of future impacts That could arise in our lives.

Is there such a thing as Anxiety Disorder?

I won't be going through the different types of anxiety orders nor the variance risk factors, but what I will say is, there are a number of different types;

  • Social Disorder
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack?

My heart raced. My body temperature rose. My hands shook. My stomach churned, chest pains start to happen, my thoughts start spiraling out of control thinking the worst happens and suddenly you feel and equipped like everything is falling apart and you won’t be able to handle it. I felt powerless when the anxiety started to control me and take care of my mind your body and my brain had been hijacked and there is little I could have done to stay in control. I realized I was having a panic attack!

My Story

This has started for me, back in November 2019. I’ve never been the one to not cope with the stress, you could say that one of my key strengths is to work under pressure and tackle any problems head-on and finding solutions to overcome that stressful problem.

How can I explain what happened? Well, the anxiety hit me ‘like a tonne of bricks’. At the time, I didn't know what brought the anxiety attack on. I will explain how I felt, my heart pounded, I couldn’t breathe, it almost felt like I was about to have a heart attack whilst surrounded by work colleagues, my hands sweated, shaking and felt like I was losing my mind. I swiftly got off my chair and walked to the bathroom and sat in one of the toilet cubicles whilst allowing the panic attack to slowly disappear.

Over the coming weeks, I had more of these attacks and eventually decided to call the 111 NHS number. I was told to go to the nearest medical center to seek professional help. I met a lovely lady, who took my heart rate and listened to my situation.

I couldn’t think as to what brought on these panic attacks. My day is like any ‘normal person’ day to day routine, getting up in the early morning at 5 am to get to work an hour before I start to show my boss, that I am dedicated to my career, do a little bit of study for two exams, catch up on emails and plan the day.

The lady leaned forward and asked me on a more personal level, if everything was ok with family and if there is anything that I felt was unresolved, with any moment in the past that I felt I haven’t let go or overcome.

It was at this moment breath I turned any head downwards, both my partner and the nurse could sense there was to the situation.

There have been a couple of things I have been on my mind the past couple of years, and that I haven’t truly gotten over situations.

I explained to her that I was still grieving over the deaths of both of my grandma’s. Losing both, happened within two years apart but I was also worried about my grandad. Over the course of the year, his health was deteriorating, he wouldn’t eat, he kept telling the family what time I’m is coming to an end.

I felt like I was always my best friend, in the man who was heroic in the Second World War and was there for me when I needed him the most. You see, I never actually grieved over both of my grandma’s, I wasn’t the one to cry at funeral services. I held in the emotion since losing two special people and carried on with my usual business life. And one day, it all just hit me!

The lady told me, I was holding things in and not letting my emotions out and allowing other people to listen to my situations. At the time of grieving, I felt like my family was blaming me for not being emotional and grief. I’ve never been the one grieve, you could say I like to find the positives in any situation.

The nurse offered a type of medication, called Paroxetine. But I looked into her eyes refused any sort of medication, because I knew it would only calm down the anxiety feelings. For me, it wasn’t about calming the situation with medication but controlling myself to overcome anxiety attacks.


I want to share with you some personal tips that I did to overcome anxiety and control my inner self;

1.) I let others in on my situation — I Connected with others

I was prescribed with anxiety medication to help control anxiety, but in my experience talking to someone, this could your partner, a friend, family member or a medical practitioner, just remember, loneliness and isolation can trigger or worsen anxiety, as I experienced for myself. It doesn't matter what it is, whether it is a traumatic event, a specific phobia, chronic stress, medical condition or negative thoughts. Tell people!

Tip: make it a priority to regularly meet up with friends, China self-help support group I’ll share your worries with on a regular basis. support groups arrow way building new friendships.

2.) I exercised regularly

Exercise is a great natural stress buster and anxiety reliever. this was my second priority to getting back to some form of healthy regime. this can be anything from a regular walk in a tranquil environment, 20–30-minute aerobic exercise or some form of rhythmic activity, for example, walking, running, swimming, boxing or dancing.

3.) I Slept

I could have said it should be either number one or second priority, I put this on with number one. and lack of sleep can exacerbate anxious thoughts and emotions. Try and get the recommended 7 to 9 hours quality sleep a night.

4. I cut down on caffeine and alcohol

Try just to reduce the intake of caffeine or Alcohol. it’s entirely up to you whether you want to reduce or cut out completely. Both caffeine and alcohol can worsen anxiety.

5.) I meditated / relaxation techniques

10 to 15 minutes each day practice relaxation techniques such as mindlessness meditation, muscle relaxation and deep breathing proven to reduce anxiety symptoms. you can do this in the comfort of your own home, whether this is your bed, a sofa a room where you can relax. just remember, to be in a quiet environment.

6.) I wrote down my worries and feelings

This final tip can work in conjunction with tip number 2, talking to others. Buy a journal diary and not all your worries your feelings and emotions. it doesn’t matter how long or short this is, the point is you have taken a big leap in acting in controlling your wellbeing. You could even take one step further, on the next page right something like’ how to overcome….’ and point anything that comes to your mind as a way in dealing with your anxiety.

So how does this work with kit number 2?

Share your notes with others, whether this is your partner, family or support group. this is a terrific good thing to do if you find it difficult too physically tell people how you feel. remember, each one of us handles situations completely differently. I urge you to not hold in those emotions, feelings stressful situations. Find your own way to let others know of your situation.


The key points to take from this It’s not Maths anxiety control you and your life; we all have had somebody that we can talk too. aside from getting enough sleep, make tip number one be your main priority. I can’t really tell you, since to my partner, the medical nurse, and family.

I have managed to control my anxiety, I feel like I can take any problem on and with regular exercise, drinking more water and caffeine, reading daily affirmations, I now feel like I take on the world.